Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World can be the most overwhelming place on earth as well as the happiest. Here are some quick and easy tips to help planning for a Walt Disney World vacation go more smoothly!



1. Find a great travel agent to help you! In most cases, their services are absolutely free to you and they can take a lot of the frustration and guess work out of your vacation planning! An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner like Mouse World Travel that specializes in Disney travel can answer all the questions you have about making your vacation the best it can be. We visit often and know of the constant  and most current changes and updates that happen at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and Aulani.

What hotel should I stay at? What kind of tickets do I need? Where are the best places to eat and do I need reservations? Are there special shows to enjoy? How do I maneuver in the parks with young kids? What about crowds, will they affect my trip? What are the most popular rides to go on? What are Magic Bands and My Disney Experience??

2. Stay at a Disney resort! Not only are they all immersed in Disney theming and whimsy, but they have convenient and free bus services to and from the airports as well as to and from all the parks, water parks and Downtown Disney (Disney Village). There are so many resorts that can fit ANY budget, just ask your travel agent which is right for you and your family or group.

3. Did you know you can reserve Fastpasses in advance for every day of your vacation? You can now using My Disney Experience. No need to rush to the parks early (even though it still is the best, and least crowded time in the day to tour). If you want to go later, you can have your Fastpasses to the most popular rides and attractions reserved in advance so you don’t have to make a run for the machines anymore. They do have to be done in advance for some of the more popular attractions, so reserving them in advance is important!

4. Try not to wing it with dining, reserve those restaurants!! There are some great places to dine in Walt Disney World, but almost every sit-down restaurant needs to have an advance reservation. I have seen countless people trying to walk up and get in to a restaurant only to be turned away since they are all booked up with reservations for the whole day. Certain popular restaurants like Be Our Guest, Chef Mickey’s, O’hana, and Le Cellier can book up months in advance. So make your choices wisely, and reserve them early for the best availability.

5. Choose a budget of what you want to spend. With all the dining, souvenirs, fun snacks, and novelties, it is SO easy to blow a hole in the wallet. Decide with your family beforehand what budget each person (or yourself) will have to spend for the vacation.

6. How many ticket days do you need and do you want to hop between more than one park per day, or is the same park per day good enough? My personal rule of thumb is that for 5 days and under, the extra expense of the park hopper isn’t really necessary when there is only time for one park per day anyway. It is very easy to schedule and plan around being in the same park all day.

7. Be careful with your TIME! Do you want to visit other Florida attractions and how many days do you want to spend at them? With so many things to see and do in Florida, budgeting the TIME is sometimes a very hard task and can make the trip less relaxing of everything is packed in. Try and give an extra day or two in the parks so there is enough time to see and do everything you would like, as well as having some downtime to energize and relax every day. If your time is too limited, or too rushed, it can cause extra stress and less enjoyment which is what Walt Disney World is all about! Be sure to schedule accordingly to the attractions, resorts and parks you want to see while there! Take time to smell the roses, enjoy the beauty and details Disney has to offer. They are EVERYWHERE! Experience and Enjoy!

Planning for the vacation can be so much of the fun! Use your agent, or yourself to research and discover all the things to do at Disney. There is ALWAYS something new to see and enjoy.

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